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Do I need a visa? What kind of visa I need and where can I obtain it?

I want to work in Czech Republic or start a business here.

How to move to Czech Republic with family? Children care, education system, ...

What schools are open to foreign citizens? Tuitions and fees. Applications.

What justice system is in Czech Republic? How to get legal aid?

Health care system in Czech Republic. Health insurance. First aid.

Travelling in Czech Republic.

How to transport and commute in Czech Republic? Public transport system.

Maps of Czech Republic. Maps of interesting places and historical towns.

Social support and services, Disability, Czech Social Security Administration, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Links to the websites of the EU institutions. Permanent delegations - NATO, UN, OECD, UNESCO, ...

The President of the Czech Republic. The Parliament of the Czech Republic. Government and Ministries. Other information sources.

Czech Republic in brief.

Basic information about European Union.