Public administration services

Agriculture, forests, groceries and animals

Agricultural support, soil, genetic modification, protection of animals, veterinarians …

Areas of bussiness

All areas in which it is possible to do business in the Czech Republic

Associations, unions, churches and volunteering

Churches, volunteering services, non-governmental organizations, professional and interest groups

Birth, death, marriage and partnership

Birth, death, change of the name, change of the sex, marriage, partnership

Courts and justice

Attorneys, notaries, criminality, victims, executors, human rights, ombudsman, prison system

Culture and media

Film, museums and galleries, sights, television, radio broadcast, newspapers, literature, libraries and other

Digital citizen

Electronic communication with the authorities, data boxes, information services

Documents and authorization

IDs, driving licenses, passports, permits, authorisations, certificates, licenses, registry office

Education, science and research

All levels of education, expertise, research, innovation, retraining

Elections, political parties and movements

Elections, political parties and movements, referendum, options of elections for foreigners …

Energy sources, mining, minerals, precious metals

Mineral resources, oil, natural gas, coal, types of energy, mining, and precious metals

Entrepreneurship, companies and state owned enterprises

Founding, operation and termination of an enterprise, skill trade, postal services …

Environment and nature

Protection of nature, countryside, forests and atmosphere, pollution, national parks …

For foreigners

Visa issuance, residence permits, international protection and national minorities

Health and health services

Health services, natural healing sources, electronic prescription, human tissues and transplants

Housing, ownership and construction

Energies, land register, expropriation, surveying, properties, construction

Industry and trading

Import, export, inspections, patents, norms, templates, consumer protection

Pensions, retirement and compensation

Retirement, orphan, disability and widow’s pension, war veterans, compensation

Pregnancy, child care and parenting

Child benefits, parenting, and social and legal protection of children

Registers, cadastre, records, statements and verification

Population register, registers, cadastre, inspection of documents, copies, verifications, information

Security and Protection

Police, army, fire department, crisis, accident, weapons, hazardous substances

Social services and social assistance

Allowances, social benefits, maternity grant, social service, help for the addicted

Sport and leisure

Sports and children’s organizations, spas, hunting, fishing, regional tourism

Taxes and finance

Taxes, grants, insolvency, execution, official controls, accounting, contracts


Driving licenses, toll, car registration, public transport, fuels

Traveling and Czechs abroad

Passports, visas, international documents, diplomacy, EU, humanitarian aid

Work and unemployment

Unemployment, professional associations, job agencies